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Meet Me In Morristown! 

Friday, July 31, 5 - 9 PM

We'll be back on The Green with a host of other artists and performers for the July event. Join us for this transformative experience once again this Thursday! http://meetmeinmorristown.com/

Who are we?

Amy Tingle and Maya Stein co-founded Food for the Soul Train in 2013, with a desire to build community through creative action. Their vintage caravan, a 1965 Covered Wagon named Maude, serves as their creative hub and home away from home (when they are not at their studio in Northern New Jersey). With a unique menu of offerings for all ages, Food for the Soul Train invites everyone to the table. At the heart of it all, Amy and Maya believe that good communication, honesty, and transparency - and having fun! - are the key ingredients to success.

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Call 201.259.9801 or email us at food4thesoultrain@gmail.com.

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Food for the Soul Train is a mobile creativity company based in Nutley, New Jersey. We offer a unique, a la carte menu of creativity for communities everywhere. Our mission is to provide opportunities for people of ages, backgrounds, and skills set to nourish themselves and their communities by tapping into their creative expression. We believe creativity can change lives by building self-confidence, harnessing imagination, helping to practice problem-solving, and bridge diffeences through the joy of discovery.

Our current offerings include:

• art and creative writing classes and workshops for kids and adults
• educational programming for schools
• cycling and creativity retreats
• art and self-empowerment summer camps for girls
• collaborative projects
• events and festive celebrations!